Sunday, 9 June 2013

Time to Rock N' Roll...

So it has been quite some time since I last posted any kind of update, so here we go.

I had definitely fallen off the hobby wagon. I had long been waiting for the new 40k Chaos Marine codex, and when it arrived, I eagerly supped from its corrupted teet. Sadly the sour milk was even more poisonous than even I had expected. Releasing Chaos Marine codex bland v 2.0 left me so de profundis, even Nurgle himself told me to cheer up. The release of the book, and the very so-so new miniatures effectively killed any desire in me get some games in, coupled with my practically shut in life style of late, ended the hobby for me.

Lacking any purpose or desire to play, I turned to some other various miniatures to play around, and hopefully get some games in with. But it seems the GW instilled malaise spread to anything tabletop related. Another aborted attempt at firing up a Pathfinder campaign, some Infinity gaming and Heavy Gear, never really happened.

During this time, I’d fiddled with the odd miniature here and there, but with no gaming or goal orientated hobbying, the sense of urgency or need to get anything finished, caused it all to slowly drag on forever.

Flash forward a good 8 months later and here I am, semi ready to rock n roll like it’s 1875 and bad hair do’s are back in style.

Still uninspired by Chaos for Fantasy and 40k, I’ve slowly but surely sold most of it via ebay, and reinvested the funds, in random models I liked the look of for various systems and hell, just to merely collect and own.

I’ve decided to do a very heavily converted pair of 40k Armies, one a  Space Wolf, the other Space Shark, it seems stellar animals are my new muse, as well as fifty shades of grey…

Looking to make both forces as individualistic as possible and very limited in vehicle/machine style support, this would enable me to make use of the vast number of bits and parts I already own, and allow me to avoid buying any of the increasingly expensive vehicle kits from GW.

Alongside these two forces, I will be doing up some Heavy Gear, Infinity, and more than likely some Tau, all of which give me excuses to not paint more grey, and allow a bit of none power armoured hobbying into my life.

An update is never complete without some pics, so here is a few for you

Converted & magnetised Rainbow Warrior from Dark Vengeance Terminator Sergeant.

Some greenstuff furs and beard on a random space wolf terminator.
Cobra Commander, just because, well he's Cobra Commander, do I need a reason?

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Update coming soon :D

I've got a big hobby update coming soon, mostly Heavy Gear focused, but more stuff done on a stegadon, some trolls and squats.

With maybe some Infinity and Spartan Games too......


Friday, 27 May 2011

A Contemplative mind.

I've always loved this song, but could never remember it's title - why am I posting, well my settings on EVE randomly reset the other day and EVE music is all soft trance kinda things, and my mind wandered to Enya and this song, so instead of using logic and just searching for the soundtrack "Stephen King's sleepwalkers" which this song was played to the outro/credits. I downloaded her entire back catalogue and listened to very song till I found it. Enjoy

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A SQUAT TERMINATOR - Combat Rigged Mining Suit

WIP Shots of my Sqayts as space wolves - beardwing force.
Wolf Guard Termi, with combi-flamer and chainfist.