Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Grandfather's Blessing.

Well Christmas is over for most of us, with the New Year festivities arriving shortly.
With more spare time and an almost strict need to stay indoors, perfect hobby time yes? Well normally I'd agree, but Grandfather sought to bless me 3 times with this weird stomach bug/virus/flu thing, so queue many days of Illness and almost unseemly relationship with the porcelain goddess, often referred to as the toilet, later, hobby stuff has become none existent.

I have managed to read a lot, so not all bad.

Currently deciding on Space Wolves or Dark Eldar for my GW vouchers, it's a tough choice, not sure who exactly the winner will be, but either way it'll be a long slow drawn out affair, with a high probability of falling to the wayside uncompleted.

Procrastination and Indecision, how these two fellows have become strange bed companions over the years.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Inactivity and the Force to drive onwards.

Well between Blood Bowl: Leg Edition, Fallout and EVE, I've done very little to anything :/

Did manage to get the sword and board warrior unit base coated, undercoated some chaos marines, and started on a two headed stegadon for my second warshrine.

Popping out later, but hopefully get something done this afternoon/weekend, but between carpet Saturday, new fridge/freezer and tron, no idea how I'm going to fit anything in......guess it's all go in the Beard household.

I did Manage to get my Abaddon Battleship blown to pieces last night, due to assembling marines and not paying too much attention - roughly half a billion credits down the tube - I shall miss my faction mods :(

So what does this tell you kids? PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Of despondency and Rust.

Well its been a lazy couple of weeks, the Dark Eldar have hit the shelves (of which my easily distracted attentions purchased some of), luckily I've managed to put the dark eldar aside and left for a later date.

The Space Sharks are currently in stasis due to IA: Badab part 2 not being here, still need to see how Forgeworld are going to structure them. I also grew very disenfranchised with sniper scouts, due to them being relatively restrictive modelling and conversion wise, and I had no good ideas on how to 'shark' them up unlike the regular scouts, who are sitting at one completed squad of 6.

Been doing a few press moulds for the smaller marine/scout pouches, so my chaps can look well supplied for lengthy field missions/campaigns.

On the Fantasy front with the Rusting Legion, I've finally got around to painting up a test guy, still needs all his details and cloak doing, but was more a test for rust/weathering/tarnish on the armour. I'm probably going to go with the oh so predictable snow bases for the warriors, mostly because I felt uninspired towards any others.

The Cloak colouring is leaving me with several choices, first is to go for a worn green cloak, to tie them into nurgle a little more, but without them being outright nurgle, or the other idea I had was to paint the cloak like flesh, as if they've just skinned some foul beast and worn it as a mantle, or the cloak is being corrupted by chaos touch, and becoming a part of the warrior much like the armour does over time. Was thinking a more bruised/diseased look for the flesh, and tested it out on a junk models arm, wasn't too bad, but not sure it'll work on the larger flats areas of the cloak, so testing shall be done.

Used both Jokers in the Tale of......., so really need to get my backside in gear and get some of these guys completed, luckily warriors are expensive points wise, so catching up the lost points, will be easier, as most of my units are 25 strong :D, not to mention the hoofed horde of Knights and Marauder Horsemen at my finger tip.

Anyway enough rambling a couple of pictures.

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Monday, 25 October 2010

Where is your God Emperor now?

While searching for scout heads, I thought I'd take a shot of the number of normal marine/chaos marine helmets I have, with typhus ontop of the reaping for effect.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Rusting Legion and the Red Tide.

So my current projects (well two amongst the many) are my Warriors/Hordes of Chaos for warhammer fantasy battle - Named The Rusting Legion, it'll mostly be a undivided themed force with hints of Nurgle, after all who doesn't love a bit of old chuckle guts Nurgle himself?

Should get some pictures up of 25 man Sword N' Board Warrior unit this evening and finally knuckle down to some painting (the weakest and least achieved of all my varied talents or lack thereof).

The Red Tide is a fully converted Space Sharks force for a Badab war campaign coming up over two weekends in Jan/Feb early next year, I'm going for a veteran/scout heavy force - how useful and effective this will be on the tabletop is any one's guess, but Having an excess of scout models, they need to be used somehow.

I'll also be popping up some random models and other items as I do them - will be starting the Raptors special character for a friend, got the concepts down, just need to get the old tools oiled and working away.

Monday, 11 October 2010


Welcome to the beginning, the Vanguard of the Destroyer Hive.

We shall all travel the Void in turbulent streams.