Friday, 10 December 2010

Inactivity and the Force to drive onwards.

Well between Blood Bowl: Leg Edition, Fallout and EVE, I've done very little to anything :/

Did manage to get the sword and board warrior unit base coated, undercoated some chaos marines, and started on a two headed stegadon for my second warshrine.

Popping out later, but hopefully get something done this afternoon/weekend, but between carpet Saturday, new fridge/freezer and tron, no idea how I'm going to fit anything in......guess it's all go in the Beard household.

I did Manage to get my Abaddon Battleship blown to pieces last night, due to assembling marines and not paying too much attention - roughly half a billion credits down the tube - I shall miss my faction mods :(

So what does this tell you kids? PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS.

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